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Our Mission

PAL will be closed March 11 - 15.

Real-World Advice

Children are rewarding. But they’re almost never easy. Every parent needs support and, sometimes, welcome advice. Yet when things get tough and a parent doesn’t know where to turn, Parents Assistance Line means empathy, confidentiality and real-world advice.

An Empathetic Ear

A free service, PAL’s trained childcare development experts can offer a listening ear or suggest resources for material help. So if you’re a parent and don’t know where to turn, don’t just cope. Hope.


Sometimes our callers need help beyond our resources. Parent’s Assistance Line’s team understands and has a wealth of information about additional help available and how to go about requesting services.

Our Team

Our panel of experts has decades of experience helping all types of parents- parents just like you. When you call, text or chat with PAL, one of our team members, best suited for your questions or concerns, will respond armed with years of research, experience and empathy.

Let us introduce you to a few of our parent resource specialists.

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