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About Parenting Assistance Line

PAL will be closed March 11 - 15.

What is PAL?

We are a free, confidential resource for parents like you. Whether you need resources to deal with a problem child or just a reassuring voice, PAL can make a big difference. When others don’t listen, we do.

PAL is a collaborative service of the University of Alabama Child Development Resources, the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama and other state agencies.

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PAL's Mission

The Parenting Assistance Line (PAL) provides parents, grandparents, relatives and caregivers across the state the kind of support they need to become more confident and successful parents, recognizing that sometimes parenting can be tough!

With PAL’s assistance, parents can feel less stressed, more confident, less isolated and better able to cope as they have the opportunity to talk through their specific parenting situation or concern. PAL’s wealth of resources is available at no charge and assists parents in nurturing happy, healthy families.

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Alabama’s Parenting Assistance Line (or PAL) has been fully operational for more than 15 years and helps parents through all situations. Almost 15,000 calls have been received from not only parents, but grandparents, other relatives, friends, neighbors and professionals.

Calls range from “typical” parenting issues (toilet training, sleeping, feeding issues, school-related issues, back-talk) to more serious situations like children with disabilities and serious behavioral disorders, tornado-related issues, bullying, children who had been in abusive situations that have resulted in severe behavioral issues.

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What We Do

Through PAL, families can receive suggestions for successfully maneuvering the daily challenges that come with parenting. When calls or chats are received, PALS’ parenting resource specialists will listen and assist parents.

PAL’s parenting specialists hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in human development or family studies and have received specialized training in relating to families.

Our Promise

PAL’s services are free, confidential, and sympathetic.

Families benefit when parents understand typical child development and the skills needed for effective parenting. PAL promises to help parents anticipate their child’s milestones so that they can help guide them through the developmental stage more confidently and more successfully.

Meet Some of Our Team

Our panel of experts has decades of experience helping all types of parents- parents just like you. When you call, text or chat with PAL, one of our team members, best suited for your questions or concerns, will respond armed with years of research, experience and empathy.


Our Strength

Every parent needs support and, sometimes welcome advice. Yet when things get tough and a parent doesn’t know where to turn, Parenting Assistance Line means empathy, confidentiality and real-world advice. A free service, PAL’s parenting resource specialists can offer a listening ear or suggest resources for material help. Our counselors have more than empathy. They have years of education, training and experience to be true partners with parents in need. As a result parents can feel supported and know where to go if additional resources are needed.

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