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What is the Parenting
Assistance Line?

The Parenting Assistance Line (PAL) is for anyone who wants information and support in becoming a more confident parent.

PAL can provide helpful assistance to moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and anyone who wants to nurture a happy, healthy family!

Need a sympathetic ear? Call or text  866-962-3030. Or Chat online with parenting experts using the chat app below, or browse the wealth of parenting resources found on our website.

How it Works

Have a Question?

Just type in a few words and let us pull some helpful content.

or Search by Category

Browsing by category provides a wider range of parenting topics. It’s a great way to learn more or just inspire your parenting strategies.

Child Development

Learning about ages and stages of development can help parents better understand and facilitate their child’s development.

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Discipline & Guidance

As parents it is our responsibility to help our children learn to manage their behavior and control their emotions in appropriate ways.

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Health & Safety

As a parent the health and safety of your child is paramount. We offer helpful information to help ensure your child is all of the above.

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Talking to Your Child

Talking with your child can impact them more than you know. You can help instill core values they will live by for the rest of their lives.

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Parents Support

Parents from all walks of life face distinct and difficult challenges. We are here to provide support for any and all parents.

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Frequent Questions

There are questions and issues that are common for most parents. We have compiled these questions with answers to better assist you.

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Call our Operators

Phone lines are open Monday – Friday 9 a.m. through 4 p.m.

Call 866-962-3030

Text your Questions

New texting option now available! Find expert help right on your phone.

Text 866-962-3030!

Chat with an Expert

Ask a question through our pop-up chat line, found on our website. 

Look for blue chat button below.

Who is PAL for?

Anyone who wants information and support in becoming a more confident parent, grandparent or caregiver. Anyone with question about children from birth – adolescence.

When can we talk?

Parent Resource Specialists are available from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m, Monday through Friday. Just give us a call , text, or use our online chat option. Messages can be left at any time. Call 1-866-962-3030.

Meet our experts?

Your questions are answered by parent resource specialists who not only have a degree in human development or early childhood education, but also spend countless hours in specialized training.

This Month’s Parenting Highlight:

What Every Child Needs.

The first three years of life are the most critical for overall healthy development. It is important for parents to start as soon as possible to build the foundation that will help their children reach their full potential.

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