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February 5: Babypalooza for new parents

Babypalooza for new parents

Pal joins Babypalooza for New and Expecting parents

Babypalooza for new parents takes place:

Friday, February 5-6,  2021
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Safe and Virtual
from the comfort of home

If you are a new, expectant, or hopeful parent then don’t miss Babypalooza Expo. It’s the must-attend baby and maternity conference for caregivers.

So, what does the expo feature?

Every 30 minutes, you can catch product demonstrations, baby registry classes, and expert workshops. That means learning more about car seat safety,  babyweaning, breastfeeding, and more. And, be sure not to miss Safe Sleep presented by PAL’s very own Amy Walker.

How to Register

New parents register for Babypalooza here.

Now, learn more about Safe Sleep: What Parents Can do to Avoid SIDS

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