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Create a Dedicated Schoolwork Zone

Start School on the Right Foot

Depending on the age and personality of your child, one work place may be more suitable than another. One thing is certain though. Having a dedicated homework zone at the start of school,  free of clutter and with necessary supplies nearby, boosts a child’s attitude toward school and encourages organization skills.

Varying methods to consider:

A Desk in the Bedroom

Not suitable for younger children who often need redirection, a desk in the bedroom could, however, be ideal for older students. If they’re driven to complete work, the ability to govern their own distractions could be very appealing. Especially true if “noisy” younger children play or work at home as well.

Things to consider: Optimize space and keep the desk free of nicknacks.

A Family Work zone

If your child works best when they can see or be near you, set aside a space in the family room. A small desk against the wall provides ample proximity. Confirm the suitability of the work space. Is there enough room to spread out and get organized? Are there minimal distractions (television is off)?

A Desk in the Den

Some families set aside an entire room as a family work zone. Here, they dedicate personal zones for each family member and outfit it with  computers, printers, art supply cabinets, and so forth. Children who thrive on company, succeed in this type of communal environment   where work is expected and celebrated.

The Kitchen

Appealing to children who like to spread out near others when they work, the centrally located kitchen table provides ample space and lighting. Because family meals also occur here, consider keeping a dedicated box or basket of supplies nearby. Also establish rules for clearing the table to remain clutter-free. Place shelf or buffet near the table to temporarily move work-in-progress.


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