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Exercise and Your Wellbeing

Get moving to make changes in overall health EXERCISE AND YOUR WELLBEING:  In recognition of Mental Health Month (May), we’ve introduced some topics about physical and mental wellbeing. After all, our overall health has a big impact on our ability to care for our children. Today’s focus is Exercise and Your Wellbeing. Just like diet [...]

Diet and Nutrition Impact Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Small Changes Create Gains for Overall Health and Wellbeing MAY IS MENTAL HEALTH MONTH, and this year Mental Health America’s theme (4Mind4Body) focuses on small changes – both physically and mentally – to create gains for our overall health and wellbeing. No matter your state of wellbeing, all of us could benefit from small positive [...]

Children’s Trust Fund Supports Programs Like PAL

Does your last name begin with M or I? When you renew your car tags this June, consider getting one that benefits the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama. When you buy a Children’s Trust Fund specialty license plate, approximately 92% of the purchase prince goes directly to fund community-based programs in Alabama that support children’s [...]

Test-Taking strategies

At the end of each semester, many students are taking exams. For adolescents, this can be a stress-filled ordeal. A few test-taking strategies can go a long way in helping your child cope with the stress and maximize their returns on studying. Here are five test-taking strategies to help your child: Read the Directions Carefully. [...]
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