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Exam Prep: Time Management

The end of the school year is right around the corner and many students will be spending the last few weeks in preparation for final exams. When your kids are stressing out about performing well on their last tests, it can be difficult to assess their fears. A great skill to teach your children is time management. Here are some ways your kids can stay on track and ace their finals.


  1. Set priorities
    1. Prioritizing is the key to successful time management. By first identifying the most difficult or complex subject, you can knock the hardest topic out of the way and have more time to review the information later. According to Education Corner, tackling the hardest subjects first, while you’re still fresh and energized, will make the remainder of your studies much easier.
  1. Make a schedule
  • Taking the time to factor in class time and extracurriculars, not to mention fun, is essential in time management. It’s absolutely impossible to spend every hour of the day studying. Create your schedule in a way that works best for you. Many students select weekly planners that allow them to see the big picture. Make sure your system is something you are very comfortable with as you will be referring to it often. GoodLuckExams offers these tips for scheduling:
  • Mark in all your fixed commitments such as classes, seminars, tutorials, and part-time jobs. These are the givens, which you cannot change.
  • Add in study time. Block off large sections of your day, reserved for studying alone, as well as shorter review periods. Organize your peak study times to coincide with the times of day when you are most awake and alert.
  • Mark in other non-study activities. These are the important but lower priority items, such as exercise, recreational classes, or socializing, which you will fit in when possible.

3) Take breaks

It is necessary to take study breaks in order to avoid burnout. The Oregon State University Academic Success Center offers applicable advice to anyone studying for a long period of time: You need a break when “you’ve been concentrating deeply and focusing on your work for 45-60 minutes since your last break,” or when “you’ve been studying for a while and you’re no longer able to focus as effectively as when you started. You notice your mind wandering more frequently, or you’re unable to recall information as easily.” Take fifteen minutes, go outside and stretch your legs. Then get back to the books––you’ll be much more productive.


By applying these tips, your kids should be moving in the right direction to finish out the school year on a high note.

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