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Baby Proofing Your Home

From the first day home from the hospital parents are concerned about their baby’s safety. As your baby becomes more mobile he will begin to explore his surroundings. Baby proofing your home will insure that your baby will be able to wander around the house without being in any danger. Check your home for the following safety tips:
Newborns and Infants (under 3 months)

  1. Use a crib that has bars no more than 2 3/8 inches apart so your baby’s head does not get lodged between the bars
  2. Be sure the crib mattress fits snugly on all sides so your baby does not get lodged between the mattress and the crib
  3. Make sure the crib is properly put together and all screws and bolts are fastened tightly
  4. To prevent suffocation, do not put pillows, soft bedding, electric blankets, heating pads, or stuffed animals in the crib.
  5. Use a safety belt on your infants changing table, bouncy seat, and swing
  6. Place a rug under the changing table and crib in case of a fall
  7. Set your water heater to 120 degrees F or below to prevent accidental burning.

Four Months to One Year (or until walking)

  1. Keep coins, small toys, nails, scissors, and balloons out of reach of your baby.
  2. Remove mobiles from the crib once your baby can reach up and touch them.
  3. Shorten drapery and blind cords as well as securing all electrical cords.
  4. Drill breathing holes in trunks used to hold toys to avoid suffocation if a child climbs inside.
  5. Add safety locks and latches to all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers.
  6. Lock all dangerous substances in an upper-level cabinet (alcohol, household cleaners, laundry supplies, medications, paint, kerosene, gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid, bug spray, pesticides, and fertilizers).
  7. Place household plants out of children’s reach.
  8. Cover every electrical outlet with child-resistant outlet covers.
  9. Place screened barriers around fireplaces, radiators, and portable space heaters.
  10. Pad the edges of coffee tables, brick or tile fireplaces.
  11. Position TV’s, audio, and video equipment so children can not pull them off the furniture.
  12. Secure bookshelves, entertainment centers, and bureaus to walls.
  13. Put safety gates at the top and bottom of all staircases.

General Precautions

  1. Never leave a child unsupervised in the bathtub.
  2. Always keep constant supervision on your baby near swimming pools or other water.
  3. Do not smoke, use matches or drink hot beverages while holding an infant.
  4. Keep floors, tables and cabinet tops free of small objects that could be swallowed.
  5. Place an infant or child’s bed away from any windows.
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