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After-School Studying Tips

Studying is the key to being successful in school. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your children’s study sessions after-school.

Re-write Your Notes Everyday After-School: 

Re-writing your notes after-school is a perfect way to “lock-in” what you have learned for the day while at school. Also, it will allow you your child to write their notes neater, as well as better organize the information.

Read Your Notes Aloud:  

Reading and reciting notes will also help solidify what your child has learned during their school day. Have your child read their notes to you. Engage with them by asking them questions and having them teach you what was earned at school that day.

Highlight Key Points:

This is an old trick when it comes to studying and it works great. Highlighting the key points in your notes helps identify the most important points that your child needs to know. This also helps narrow their focus so they aren’t overwhelmed by all of the notes they have written that day.

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