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5 Back To School Shopping Tips That Can Save You Money

1. Shop sales
Go school clothes shopping during the end-of-summer sales. T-shirts can be worn during the colder months by throwing a sweater on top.

2. Bring a list
Write out a list of necessities before going to the store and stick to it. Only buy what is necessary and stay away from any extra things just because they are trendy.

3. Re-vamp old office supplies         
Instead of buying all new school supplies try redecorating old office supplies that you might already have lying around! For example, spruce up old plain binders with picture collages of your child’s favorite things.

4. Meal-prep school lunches
Plan your child’s lunches for the week by getting the ingredients beforehand, making the lunches and packing them up into to-go containers for easy and affordable school lunches. This gives you the time to search for the best deals in the area.

​5. Browse online marketplaces
Use online marketplaces like e-bay and Craigslist for cheaper clothing options. This is a great option to save a little cash when your child is constantly growing!

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