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What Should My Child Know To Start Kindergarten?

What is meant by school readiness?

School readiness is a combination of age, individual growth, and experience. Your child will develop at his or her own rate; however, your involvement will promote readiness.

What is the best age to start kindergarten?

Most kindergarten programs have specific cut-off dates based on the child’s age. Usually a child is expected to turn five years old by the early fall if he is to be admitted that year. However, keep in mind that there is no magic age at which all children are ready for kindergarten.

Remember,  you know your child better than anyone! Give careful consideration to the following factors and trust yourself to decide if your child is ready to start kindergarten.

  • Social & Emotional Development: Teachers across the nation state that both social and emotional development is of primary importance in regards to school readiness. Can he share, take turns and follow rules? Children who are not emotionally mature have a much harder time adjusting to school.
  • Physical Development: Children need to be able to perform typical large and small muscle activities. Is he able to climb, draw, use scissors and bounce balls?
  • Number Concepts: Classifying, ordering, counting, and time and space relationships are directly related to a child’s ability to perform mathematical tasks. For instance can he count 4-10 objects and arrange items in groups according to size, shape or color?
  • Language: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are tied to everything children learn or do in school. Can he talk in sentences and follow directions?
  • Writing: Can he write scribble and draw? Does he try to write his own name?
  • Concept Development: As your child grows he will begin to understand concepts such as colors, shapes and sorting. Can he recognize and name colors and understand concepts such as in/out, off/on, and front/back?
  • Health and Safety: It is vitally important that your child have proper nutrition, healthcare, and an established routine (especially bedtime) if he is going to succeed in school.
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