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Should I Worry If My 12-Month Old Is Not Walking?


A typical child in the United States walks between 10-15 months of age. Some children take a few independent steps before 10 months and some children are content to crawl or ‘cruise’ along furniture until they are well into their second year.

A child who does not walk by the age of 12 months is not necessarily delayed. Some children who are less active may not be in any hurry to walk. A child who is big for his age may also walk a little later because it takes more muscle strength for him to motor about.

Children are unique in every aspect and that certainly applies to walking. As long as your child is capable of the following developmental milestones by the age of 15 months, relax and enjoy these days before toddler-hood takes over!

  • Rolling over.
  • Sitting alone without assistance.
  • Crawling, scooting on their bottoms or pulling themselves along with their arms while lying on their tummy.
  • Pulling themselves up into a standing position.
  • Cruising along furniture while holding on.
  • Takes steps with both hands held.
  • Makes attempts to slide from your lap to the floor.

If you feel your toddler is not growing or learning in the way you expect, please talk with your pediatrician and/or call Alabama’s Early Intervention System for further assessment at 1-334-242-8114.

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