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Parenting a Preemie

Parenting a Preemie

Babies who are born before their due date, especially those who weigh less than 3 pounds, need special care during the first several years of their lives. Following is a list of suggestions regarding the care of your baby when he comes home from the hospital. It is essential that you take your baby to [...]
Parent Self-Esteem

Parent Self-Esteem

Being a parent has never been easy. However, during these hectic, stressed-filled days of the 21st century it can be especially difficult. Our culture places a great premium on providing children with superior educational experiences, diverse extra-curricular activities and material possessions. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting these things for our children, quite often [...]
Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting

The style of overprotective and over involved parenting is known as “helicopter parenting”. These parents “cross the line” from expressing a healthy interest and involvement in their children’s lives to hovering. Of course, protecting and helping one’s child are normal parental instincts. As young people mature, though, other parenting skills are necessary. Such as helping [...]

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