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Holiday Survival For Divorced Parents

Holiday Survival For Divorced Parents

The holiday season is considered to be a time of happiness, good times, family gatherings and wonderful memories. However, the thought of the holiday season can also be a painful and stressful time for families that may be going through a divorce. The thought of the approaching holiday season may lead to feelings of depression, […]

5 Back To School Shopping Tips That Can Save You Money

1. Shop sales Go school clothes shopping during the end-of-summer sales. T-shirts can be worn during the colder months by throwing a sweater on top. 2. Bring a list Write out a list of necessities before going to the store and stick to it. Only buy what is necessary and stay away from any extra things just […]

Handling Parental Anger

Handling Parental Anger

Our children bring us great joy. And yet there are times when parents experience anger and frustration. Parenting is tough and it is normal to feel angry at times. First, learning to recognize and being aware of these feelings then finding the most appropriate ways of responding are key to safe and effective parenting.



Grandparents today play a wide variety of roles including caregiver, role-model, playmate, friend, and family historian. Although children typically view their parents as the center of the universe, grandparents were here first! It is from you that your grandchildren will learn that older individuals have much to offer and are worthy of respect. (Remember that [...]
Father’s Day Activities For Both You And Your Kids

Father’s Day Activities For Both You And Your Kids

Father’s Day is a day that both you and your child can benefit from. It can be a great way for you and your child to spend time together and strengthen the relationship. Review our list for some engaging and easy ways to have some Father’s Day fun! ​ ​1. Share your interests and hobbies Sharing [...]


Becoming a parent can be the most exciting, wonderful, joyous and frightening experience you may ever have. Although the prospect of fatherhood is exhilarating it can also bring with it many confusing feelings. If you have fears about becoming a father, relax. All new fathers feel somewhat inadequate at first. Many young men don’t get [...]

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