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Parenting During a Pandemic

Helpful articles for this uncertain time

The coronavirus pandemic is unlike any experience parents have had to navigate. PAL is committed to assisting families during this time. Our Parenting Assistance Line remains open weekdays 9 – 4:00 to answer any parenting questions or lend a supportive ear.  You can reach us by texting or calling 866-962-3030 or by chatting with us online using the pop-up chat portal.  Like and follow our Facebook page for ongoing parenting tips and a wealth of continuous content.

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Cloth Face Coverings for Children During COVID-19

Times continue to rapidly change with new information daily about the Covid-19 virus.  Face coverings for children are now being recommended. Wearing cloth face coverings reduces the chance of transmitting the virus through the spray of spit or respiratory droplets which happens when someone sneezes or coughs and are within 6 feet of you. It […]

Keeping your kids healthy & safe during flu/virus season

The CDC recommends two main steps to take: Know how viruses are spread. Visit the CDC website for updates and additional information. Avoid being exposed to the virus.   Avoid exposure by: Cleaning your hands often for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Avoid close contact: with people who are sick and stay [...]

Practicing Sun Safety During a Pandemic

Keep up the good fight against harmful UV rays. With spring and warmer days here, many families are spending more time outdoors – and with the governor's Stay-at-Home orders, walks around the neighborhood and backyard playtime have become the go-to for variety of scene and exercise. While there’s nothing more fun than watching your kids [...]

When children become bored

Children with extra time. Children are never as occupied as they are during the school term, but this spring is like no other. Right now, school-aged children are in a bit of limbo, while school officials work hard to determine how to manage continued education during a worldwide pandemic. In the meantime, with all the […]

Exercise during Social Distancing

EXERCISE AND YOUR WELLBEING: Chances are, you’re working from home, and the kids are there too. As tempting as it is to hit the pantry for snacks, at some point your exercise regime needs a reboot. After all, our overall health has a big impact on our ability to care for our children. Let’s focus […]

Coping With Grief

Holidays are a time for fellowship and friendship with those you love. However, for families dealing with the loss of a loved one, this time of year can also bring terrific sadness. There is no single right or wrong way to handle these difficult times. The key to coping with grief during the holidays is […]

Teaching Your Child About Germs

Teaching young children about hygiene and germs isn’t always easy, but it’s important! Why? Understanding the connection between germs and illness helps children comprehend the need for good hygiene practices. Less time missed from school or work because of sickness. Children develop care and concern for the health and welfare of those around them. A […]

Handling Parental Anger

Our children bring us great joy. And yet there are times when parents experience anger and frustration. Parenting is tough and it is normal to feel angry at times. First, learning to recognize and being aware of these feelings then finding the most appropriate ways of responding are key to safe and effective parenting.

Family Play

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for family play may be a challenge. However, is it worth it? You bet! Enjoying time together as a family is tremendously beneficial. In fact, for healthy relationships to flourish, it is a necessity. We can schedule time for playing together, and develop the ability to capture unstructured moments [...]

Creating a Peaceful Home

Today’s world is a complicated place. Day to day living can cause stress and anxiety. Because of the wide scope of media coverage we also know and worry about concerns around the globe. These pressures can seep into our home lives and cause tension and conflict. But how can you maintain a peaceful home in [...]

When Parenting Styles are Different

Parenting can be tough especially when two parents have different parenting styles. Have you ever thought about what kind of parent you are? Are you tough with high expectations? Do you believe that children should be allowed to “just be kids”? What do you think of as the “best” way to raise a child? There [...]

The Myth of the Perfect Parent

Have you ever had one of those days when you felt like every other parent has “it all together” but you? These feelings of inadequacy are common, especially with first time parents. Many of us have grown up with the notion that parents should be all-knowing, all- loving, and all-giving. However, no matter how great [...]

Parent Loses Job

If your job ended and it wasn’t your choice, the experience of facing an uncertain future can be extremely stressful and frightening. You may be feeling out of control and helpless or perhaps even bitter with your former employer. All of these emotions are normal. How you handle these difficult days, however, can be a [...]

My Kids Seem To Fight All Of The Time… What Should I Do?

Disagreements between siblings have many causes which can include jealousy, competition, differences in temperament and developmental stages, illness, and daily stress. So, what's a parent to do when sparks are flying? Try monitoring the situation from a distance. Do not get involved unless there is danger to a person or property. If they come to you [...]

How Can I Get My Child To Do Homework?

Parents want their children to be successful in school, but often the issue of homework gets in the way of that success. With a little creativity, parents can make the homework struggle easier. Ways that parents can help their children focus on homework: Help your child select an appropriate, comfortable place to do homework. Keep [...]

Internet Safety

The Internet can be a wonderful resource! Children can get help with homework, find information about a hobby, download music, and keep in touch with friends and family through e-mail. However, the Internet also carries certain risks. As parents, we must stay informed and equipped to ensure our children’s safety. How can parents keep children […]

Teachable Moments

You may have heard the term “teachable moment” used. Parent educators and teachers often instruct parents to take advantage of “teachable moments”. But what exactly is a “teachable moment”, and how can you make the most of it? A “teachable moment” can happen almost anywhere and at any time. They are generally not planned learning [...]

Setting Rules and Boundaries: Children

At times, being a parent can be tough. There are challenges you never anticipated and days when you think you just aren’t cut out for the job. Don’t despair; all parents feel this way from time to time. Children can be very frustrating as they constantly push against boundaries and test limits. They don’t always [...]

Let’s Not Argue

All parents and their children will argue at some point. Back talk, whining, begging and arguing are some of the most frustrating behaviors to deal with as parents. But like most negative behaviors the best defense is a good offense. Learning to prepare ahead of time for arguments can be the simplest way to avoid [...]

How To Put An End To Whining

Whining, an irritating blend of talking and crying, occurs in many children 2-4 years of age and can cause frustration or anger for almost any parent. During this developmental stage children’s language skills are rapidly improving; however, they still do not possess the vocabulary necessary to express themselves when they are tired, cranky, hungry, or [...]

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