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Children’s Trust Fund Supports Programs Like PAL

Does your last name begin with M or I?

When you renew your car tags this June, consider getting one that benefits the Children’s Trust Fund of Alabama.

When you buy a Children’s Trust Fund specialty license plate, approximately 92% of the purchase prince goes directly to fund community-based programs in Alabama that support children’s wellbeing, like PAL. These tags are available at every County Probate office and are tax-deductible. They can be personalized with any combination of six letters or numerals at no additional charge.

A noteworthy benefit: not only will your new license plate financially support community-based programs like PAL, it also helps raise awareness of the Children’s Trust Fund. Each time another driver on the road glances at your tag while stopped at a red light or moving through traffic, they may notice the design and content of the tag. As a result, they will be introduced to the Children’s Trust Fund and the programs it supports.

To learn more about specialty license plates and how to go about getting yours, visit Alabama Dept of Revenue License Plate Registration

A year-round glance at license plate registration time periods in Alabama:

  • A & D: renew in January
  • B: renew in February
  • C & E: renew in March
  • F, G, & N: renew in April
  • H & O: renew in May
  • M & I: renew in June
  • P & L: renew inJuly
  • J, K, & R: renew in August
  • Q, S, and T: renew in September
  • U, V, W, X, Y, Z, and National Guard: renew in October
  • Leased, fleet, and commercial vehicles: renew by November 30

To learn about additional childcare resources in the state, visit our resource page.

Specialty license tags in Alabama support many different organizations. Consider choosing the Children’s Trust Fund for your next tag.

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