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Spring Break Activities for Teens

Spring break isn’t just for college students. Teens in high school can enjoy a vacation from school while also being productive at the same time. Around junior year of high school, most students begin preparing for college. Spring break is the perfect time to start the process. Here are a few activities for high school students to do during spring break:

Visit Colleges

Getting a firsthand view of a prospective college is the only way to truly know if it’s the right school for you. Websites and brochures can only provide you with a 2-dimensional picture, which is why using your spring break vacation to take a few college tours is imperative to the decision-making process. Visiting schools can also serve as a mini-vacation if any of the prospective schools are out of state.


Volunteering is a fun way to give back to your community and impress college admission officials simultaneously. Set yourself apart from the crowd by volunteering during spring break and going above and beyond your school’s minimum requirements. Volunteering daily will result in an extensive service record and keep you engaged while on break.

Apply for Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are thousands of scholarships out there for teens entering college, you just have to search for them. Spring break is the perfect time to browse the internet for scholarships and grants. Scholarships are essentially free money and can significantly reduce college related expenses.

Spring break is also a great time to begin filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA operates on a first-come first-serve basis so it is essential to complete the application as soon as possible.

Prepare for the SAT or ACT

Say goodbye to traditional SAT/ACT prep methods and hello to a new way to study for college entry exams–– playing games. Websites and services like FreeRice, Sheppards Software, Quizlet and Word Dynamo offer students fun ways to study for standardized tests. Many of these sites have phone applications that make access to study games easy and convenient.

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