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Ways to Encourage Your Child to be Physically Active

Regular physical activity is a way to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, getting our children to put down the remote or tablet is harder than it seems. We list a few ways to encourage your child to get up and play!

Choose an activity that is developmentally appropriate

Choosing an activity that is physically possible for your child is the first step in helping your child become more active.

Find an activity your child enjoys

They will be more enthusiastic about being physically active if it’s an activity that they truly enjoy.

Plan ahead

Each day make sure you designate time for exercise so that the excuse that there isn’t any time doesn’t become an option.

Turn off the T.V.

Limit television and computer use so that there is more free time for outside activities.

Be positive

Children who aren’t naturally athletic may be self-conscious about their physical performance. Offering positive feedback helps encourage them to follow through and venture out of their comfort zone.

Play with your child

When playing with your child you don’t only spend quality time with them, but you also set an example for them to follow.

Bring a friend 

You can make active time a little more fun by letting your child invite a friend or two. Playing catch or doing laps in the pool with a friend can make physical activity seem less like a chore and more like playtime.

Don’t overdo it

Forcing children to over-exert themselves not only makes physical activity unpleasant, it can also be unsafe.

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